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What is PAS?

Parental alienation syndrome occurs when a parent emotionally manipulates a child into turning against his or her other parent, in the absence of abuse or neglect.

Dr. Amy J. L. Baker's book, "Adult children of parental alienation syndrome: Breaking the ties that bind (W.W. Norton, April 2007) is based on research interviews with 40 adults who has this experience as children. The book provides the first glimpse into this phenomenon from the perspective of those who have lived it.

The book describes PAS as a form of emotional abuse, explains the strategies that alienating parents use, compares alienating parents to cult leaders, identifies eleven catalysts that can trigger the realization that one has been a child victim of PAS, and describes the long-term effects of PAS.

The book is written for targeted parents, adult children of parental alienation syndrome, and the mental health and legal professionals working with these populations. Dr. Baker is a researcher and developmental psychologist with expertise in parent-child relationships, child welfare, and parental alienation syndrome. She is the author of several books and over 50 scholarly articles.

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Dr. Amy J. L. Baker

Dr. Baker is a nationally recognized expert in parent child relationships, especially children of divorce, parental alienation syndrome, and emotional abuse of children.

Dr. Baker is available as an expert witness and for print, radio, and television interviews.

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