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Bonded to the Abuser

Bonded to the Abuser: How Childhood Victims 
Written by Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D. and Mel Schneiderman, Ph.D.

In this book developmental psychologist Amy J.L. Baker and clinical psychologist Mel Schneiderman present an analysis of 45 memoirs written by adult victims of childhood maltreatment.

Specific themes particularly salient for each of five types of maltreatment are presented such as the attempts of the physically abused child to find a reason for the abuse, the experience of the abusive parent as omniscient, fear of abandonment, and hyper-vigilance. The book also includes suggestions for adult victims of childhood maltreatment, as well as those who love and work with them, for moving forward through storytelling to heal from the painful and senseless experiences of their childhood.

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