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Restoring Family Connections

Restoring Family Connections

Helping Targeted Parents and Adult Alienated Children Work Through Conflict, Improve Communication, and Enhance Relationships

Written by Amy J.L. Baker, Ph.D. and Paul R. Fine, LCSW

Dr. Baker and colleagues are pleased to offer a new service for targeted parents and their adult alienated children:  The Restoring Family Connections Program. The program is designed to be implemented by licensed mental health professionals on an outpatient voluntary basis. For more information about the program click here.

This book presents a clinical guide for mental health professionals in their work with targeted parents and their adult alienated children. The book includes:


  • 17 theoretical principles for engaging in parental alienation work.


  • 13 clinical principles for worked with families affected by parental alienation


  • 13 step-by-step activities to do with clients


Suggestions for 7 out-of-session activities for clients

The book includes worksheets and exercises to help the clinician implement the program including inspirational quotes, scripts, clarifying narratives from the perspective of a targeted parent and adult alienated child, as well as photographs of the activities. 

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