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Getting Through My Parents' Divorce

Getting Through my Parents' Divorce: A Workbook for Children Coping with Divorce, Parental Alienation, and Loyalty Conflicts
Written by Amy J. L. Baker, Ph.D. and Katherine Andre, Ph.D.

Children caught in their parents' divorce conflict need concrete skills and strategies to manage the strong emotions they feel (anger, hurt, fear, sadness, worry, and confusion) so that they can avoid aligning with one parent and unnecessarily rejecting the other.


Children are taught about the 17 ways in which one parent might undermine or interfere in their relationship with the other parent and are taught coping skills such as: thinking for yourself, considering your options, living your values, acting with courage, encouraging yourself, de-stressing your mind and body, and asking for help from others. Using these tools should help children achieve their goal of loving and feeling loved by both parents.

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