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Goal-Oriented Parental Alienation Coaching

Integrating her knowledge of parental alienation with her doctoral training in developmental psychology and attachment theory, Dr. Baker offers goal-oriented solution -focused parental alienation coaching to help parents dealing with alienated children and alienating co-parents. Individual telephone coaching sessions are designed to clarify the family's specific parental alienation dynamic and identify strategies for coping with an alienated child and alienating co-parent. Dr Baker has been chosen as a top Parenting Coach by the


Coaching topics that could be explored include:

  1. What are the primary strategies your child is being exposed to?

  2. What is the alienation message your child is hearing?

  3. What is keeping your child alienated?

  4. How can you avoid parental alienation "land-mines"?

  5. How can you strategically respond to an alienated child in order to avoid inciting conflict, entrenching the alienation, or engaging in counter-alienation?

  6. How can positive parenting, active listening, and emotion coaching help your alienated child?

  7. How can you interact effectively with the legal and mental health professionals in your life?

  8. What are the different types of expert witnesses and the pros and cons of each.

  9. How can you best prepare for a custody evaluation?

  10. How you can make the most of reunification therapy?

Getting Started

  1. E-mail Dr. Baker to request the agreement and release forms at Please keep the email brief, no need to "tell your story"

  2. E-mail the completed forms to Dr. Baker and schedule a session

  3. Pay $240 an hour  by Venmo @Amy-Baker-305 or Zelle at gmail or phone number below. A Paypal link can be provided upon request.. A P

  4. Call in for the appointment at (201) 321-9874


Disclaimer: Dr. Baker is not a licensed mental health professional. Her Ph.D. is in developmental psychology. Sessions are offered as a parenting coach not as a therapist, counselor, or any other licensed mental health or legal professional.

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