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Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex

Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex: What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse Tries to Turn the Kids Against You
Written by Amy J.L. Baker, Ph.D. and Paul R. Fine, LCSW

This book presents five main types of parental alienation strategies that a parent can engage in along with many tips and parenting ideas to counter the efforts of the other parent.


  • Poisonous messages to the child that you are unsafe, unavailable, and unloving


  • Limiting contact and communication


  • Erasing and replacing


  • Encouraging betrayal of your trust


  • Undermining your authority


Positive and mindful parenting approaches are presented, tailored to each of these parental alienation strategies.

The book includes worksheets and exercises to help the reader apply the lessons in the book on their own alienation situation. The book is published by New Harbinger Publications, a leading publisher of psychological self help books.

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