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Another Book on Parental Alienation: Heck Yeah!

I did not think I was going to write another book on parental alienation. I really thought that my existing books covered everything that I wanted to say and share about the topic. But over the course of my years coaching targeted parents I realized that there was a set of parenting ideas that my clients needed that were not already covered in any of my existing books. I found that I was providing to my clients the same ideas over and over and that it would be more efficient and less expensive for them if I could make those ideas available in a book. And of course, not everyone can afford coaching so this would be a way to provide some aspect of coaching to all readers. The new book "Parenting Under Fire: How to Communicate with a Hurt, Angry, Rejecting, Distant Child" is organized into three sections, each focusing on a different type of communication. In the first section of the book, the focus is on in-person communication to enhance the attachment and avoid taking the bait. The goal is to strengthen the parent-child attachment relationship and to prevent further erosion by the other parent. Too often targeted parents react in ways that inadvertently reinforce the parental alienation lie. This makes it so much harder for the children to see the truth and for legal and mental health professionals to grasp the true family dynamic at work. The middle of the book is all about texting (how, why, when, dos and dont's, how to handle various child responses). It is very painful for parents to continue to reach out to their children when there is no response. Sometimes they become discouraged and or simply run out of ideas. This section of the book will hopefully inspire and motivate parents to keep reaching out. And the final portion of the book is a detailed presentation of the philosophy and components of writing a letter to an adult alienated child. I consider this book a must-read primer for all of my clients to help make the coaching more efficient and effective. Feel free to check it out at the link below. I look forward to continuing to work in the field of parental alienation and hope that the book provides readers with some new and creative and helpful ways of coping with their parental alienation challenges.

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